About Us

What is now known as the Cooney Technologies organization was founded by Bob Cooney and started off as a small manufactures’ rep firm.

We since evolved into a multidivisional organization with an international manufacturing presence.

As the team has grown, we’ve worked hard to keep our core values and culture consistent. We focus on building relationships with our customers and a deep understanding of their goals. The community, our employees, and the environment drive our decision process.

When asked, Bob will always say the goal is to “build a team of superstars”. That was and continues to be the primary goal of Cooney Technologies.

Our Divisions

Engineered Solutions

Cooney Engineered Solutions industry-leading representatives are located throughout the United States. They supply our innovative technologies for both OEM and replacement coil customers.

Coil & Energy

Cooney Coil & Energy experienced team troubleshoots problems, assess complex heating and cooling system issues, and recommend the best solutions to help facilities the greater Philadelphia area. 

Transit Systems

Cooney Transit Systems brings proprietary technology for anti-vibration, extended life coatings along with high-quality parts from our exclusive manufacturer relationships to transit systems across North America.

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