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Energy Transfer

We strive to evolve the frontier of energy transfer and provide the ultimate customer experience; our solution-driven team focuses on innovation, education, and lasting relationships.

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Cooney Engineered Solutions

Engineered Solutions

Cooney Engineered Solutions industry-leading representatives are located throughout the United States. They supply our innovative technologies for both OEM and replacement coil customers.

Coil & Energy

Cooney Coil & Energy experienced team troubleshoots problems, assess complex heating and cooling system issues, and recommend the best solutions to help facilities the greater Philadelphia area. 

Transit Systems

Cooney Transit Systems brings proprietary technology for anti-vibration, extended life coatings along with high-quality parts from our exclusive manufacturer relationships to transit systems across North America.

ROI Tools & Calculators

Looking to build a business case for new HVAC technologies at your facility?

We're here to help with our calculators and ROI tools. Learn how upgrading technologies in your HVAC system can help you save money, energy and prevent future problems.

Glycol is commonly used in hydronic heating systems in cold climates to help prevent freeze damage. Its thick viscosity and low heat transfer characteristics make it costly to operate and maintain.

Discover how much glycol is truly costing your facility and build a business case for switching to water protected by Cooney Freeze Block coils.

Use Our Glycol Energy Analysis Tool

Not all steam to water heat exchangers are created equally. See how much your facility can save with a Cooney Thermo-Pack compared to a traditional shell & tube heat exchanger.

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ASHRAE has laid out several COVID mitigation strategies to prevent the spread of infectious disease through a building's HVAC system. These strategies include increased outdoor air, UVGI, and filtration. 

Use our calculator to compare these strategy efficacies, upfront price, and cost over time.

Use Our COVID Mitigation Calculator

Cooney Technologies Announces New Hire in Growing Engineered Solutions Division

Meet the newest Key Account Manager at Cooney Engineered Solutions, Evan Jones. In his role, Evan will focus on the growth of Cooney Engineered Solutions’ manufactured products throughout the network of new equipment and coil replacement representatives throughout the Northwest and Midwest.

Institutional HVAC Projects Require Specific Solutions

Originally Published by Ted Craig January 6, 2020 ACHR News    Institutional buildings used by the public — schools, airports, hospitals, prisons, rec centers — bring special HVAC challenges because each one comes with its own distinctive set of needs. This often...

The World’s First Smart Coil to be Released at AHR Expo

  KING OF PRUSSIA, Penn., November 20, 2019 – Cooney Technologies will unveil the Industry’s first Smart Coil at booth 1566 at the 2020 AHR Expo.  The Cooney Smart Coil delivers unmatched freeze protection for fluid and steam coils while communicating directly...


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