The World’s First Smart Coil to be Released at AHR Expo

by | Nov 20, 2019

The World’s First Smart Coil to be Released at AHR Expo


KING OF PRUSSIA, Penn., November 20, 2019 – Cooney Technologies will unveil the Industry’s first Smart Coil at booth 1566 at the 2020 AHR Expo.  The Cooney Smart Coil delivers unmatched freeze protection for fluid and steam coils while communicating directly with the BAS when exposed to a freeze event.


Patented Freeze Block Technology has been saving facilities across the continent from freeze damage since its inception 8 years ago. Cooney Technologies has been committed to advancing this technology.  “For even better protection, the new Smart Coil incorporates cutting-edge communication with the building automation system. This allows building owners to stay one step ahead of potential system issues,” said Bob Cooney, Owner/President of Cooney Technologies.


Freeze damage is an industry epidemic, accounting for approximately 30-40% of all replacement coils supplied in the US.  Previous industry practices often experience mechanical failure, human error, and extreme weather conditions which can allow freezing air to reach vulnerable coils causing them to freeze, bulge and split.


The Cooney Smart Coil is designed to sense a pressure increase and/or temperature drop associated with freezing events then discharge a controlled volume of fluid to prevent damage. Cooney Technologies has designed an integrated sensor to recognize a valve deployment and report to the building automation system, to take preemptive action against freeze damage while alerting the building owner of a freeze event. The Smart Coil sets a new standard for HVAC coil and system freeze protection.


For more information on Cooney Technologies products, visit or contact Cooney Technologies directly at (610) 783-1136 or


About Cooney Technologies:

 What is now known as Cooney Technologies, was founded in 2009.  Innovation has always been one of the core principles of the organization. This passion for bringing simple yet innovative solutions to the HVAC industry was the primary driver in the creation of Freeze Block Technology and launched the Cooney team into the manufacturing environment.  The superstar team at Cooney Technologies continues to focus on providing quality and sustainable HVAC solutions through revolutionary innovation.




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