Don’t Rush: Essential Steps for Receiving a Coil Delivery

by | Jul 11, 2023

At Cooney Technologies, we understand that dealing with freight claims can be a bit of a hassle. To help make this process as smooth as possible for you, we suggest a few simple steps to follow when receiving your delivery.

Firstly, please don’t rush to sign the Bill of Lading (BOL). Take your time to inspect and count the items in your delivery before signing off and letting the driver leave. If you notice significant damage upon arrival, remember you have the option to decline the delivery and ask it to be returned.

⏰ Time is of the essence when it comes to identifying and reporting any freight-related issues. Did you know you have just 5 business days to discover and report any non-visible freight damage to the carrier? ?

Here’s a quick checklist to ensure you’re taking all the necessary steps:

1️⃣ Inspect the package for any freight damage, both on the coil and the wood packaging. Be thorough and don’t leave any stone unturned.

2️⃣ Note any damage found on the Bill of Lading (BOL) – this documentation is critical for a successful claim.

3️⃣ Take note of the count and condition of the package – this information will be invaluable during the claims process.

4️⃣ Snap clear pictures that showcase all identified damage. A picture is worth a thousand words, and it can make or break your claim.

If you find any damage after signing the BOL:

  • Get in touch with our customer service team at Cooney Technologies right away.
  • Remember to notify the carriers in writing within 5 business days of delivery for your claim to be valid.

One last important note: Please keep the damaged goods and their original packaging handy for inspection until the claim is resolved.

Not following these steps might make it difficult to get a freight claim approved by the carrier. We’re here to help, and we want this process to be as easy as possible for you!

Cooney Coil Receiving Guide

For more advice on how to properly receive coil freight, view our Coil Receiving Guide. It’s filled with useful tips and recommended steps to ensure your delivery arrives in good condition and what to do if freight is damaged.

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